Google announced on September 26 that it had signed an agreement with ‘Grand River Dam Authority’ (GRDA) to provide its data center located in Mayes County (Oklahoma), about 48 MW of wind energy.

Also, in this case, instead of buying energy directly to the developers of wind farms, the Mountain View company has a contract with a provider of public services. “Public services such as GRDA have the ability to integrate renewable energy in their generation mix and deliver electricity, while we are a growing company that seeks clean energy for our operations, for a progressive way “Google said on its official blog.

The energy will come from the largest wind project in the State of Oklahoma who ultimately possess an installed capacity of 300 MW. Indeed, the wind farm developed by the Canadian company Hills should be commissioned later this year.

Google said it will pay a premium to buy GRDA renewable energy produced by the wind farm Canadian Hills. To date, Google confirms engaging in renewable energy to the tune of more than 260 MW.

The giant Internet search complete its strategy of power purchase agreements – from renewable sources – long-term (20 years). The first contract was for 114 MW of wind energy company concludes with NextEra (Iowa), while the second included 100.8 MW of installed wind capacity from the Minco II Park, based in Oklahoma.

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