French company Eole Water based in Sainte Tulle, designer of wind turbines capable of recovering drinking water from the humid air, will now market its offering for isolated communities with no or limited infrastructure.

Unlike wells, water is always present in the air. For Eole Water, the only constraint was to design a reliable technology that can create and collect water. In the end, the wind WMS1000 was designed to produce water without any external energy source and is capable of producing on daily basis up to 1,200 liters of fresh water in a humid climate.

“The wind is its only engine. Thanks to its installed capacity of 30kW and using air as a source of water, wind WMS1000 is ideally suited to supply remote areas completely devoid of infrastructure. There’s no release of CO2, not pumping of groundwater or surface water sources. The environmental impact is practically nil”, Eole Water indicated in its publications.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of its technology in difficult weather conditions, Eole Water carries out tests on drinking water production at Mussafah near Abu Dhabi in the UAE since November 2011. This testing phase is the first step before the permanent implantation of the mast which is expected before June 2012.

According Eole water, the wind WMS1000 has already been able to collect up to 62 liters of water per hour with an average humidity of 45% and an average temperature of 24°C.

In addition, samples were taken to test the potability of water. “The results confirmed a much higher level of quality to potable standards required by the World Health Organization” said the French firm.

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