Catalonia has overcome the barrier of 1,000 megawatt wind after increasing installed wind power capacity by 18.4 percent during 2011, thanks to the launch of six new wind farms, two of them only partially, for a total of 156 , 98 MW.

Wind turbines for wind farms already provide Catalans 4.2% of electricity consumption and prevent the emission of 4.2 million tons of CO2.

The first turbine wind farm Forques I-II (Tarragona), developed by Gamesa Energy, and  recently acquired by Fenosa Gas Natural Renewables, which has been sealed remarkable figure of 1,000 MW. However, the last to be launched this year have been the four turbines of the second phase of the wind farm’s Throat Coll (Priorat, Ribera d’Ebre), driven by EDP Renovaveis.

EolicCat president, Ramon Carbonell, described the landmark figure, but believes that wind power still has a long journey in Catalonia.

In fact, according to the Energy Plan 2006-2015 of the Government of the Generalitat, the roadmap for implementation is still in force wind, the target is 3,500 MW of installed wind power in Catalonia in 2015.

Catalonia has a total of 36 wind farms in operation that produce about 2,100 GWh annually, equivalent to 4.2% of electricity consumption of the Catalan community.

The electrical output of these wind farms in one year equals the annual electricity consumption of more than 640,000 Catalan homes (1.92 million people or whatever it is, a larger city than Barcelona).

Environmentally, this figure prevents the emission into the atmosphere of 2.1 million tons of CO2, the main greenhouse gas (if the same electricity was produced in coal power plants), the equivalent of removing 700,000 circulation cars for a year.

According to Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE), Catalonia ranks eighth in the ranking of regions producing wind energy.

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