Brussels Airport has decided to add a renewable energy source to its distribution network of electricity by installing 30,000 m² of solar panels on the roof of a provision building.

The facility consists of 7220 mono crystalline solar panels with a total capacity of 1.7 MW peak annual production of 1500 MWh, comparable to the annual electricity consumption of about 450 households. This current is injected directly into the electricity distribution network from the airport, which is about 1% of annual consumption.

The result of the test project, installed in 2010 on the roof of a firefighter building, has proved positive, the decision was made to put solar panels on the roof of a tall logistics building of Brucargo West. The total area of ​​the roof is 30,000 m², the equivalent of about six football fields. The work of adapting to the roof structure and placement of signs was done last fall.

In future the airport will investigate further opportunities to increase the share of solar energy in the electricity supply of the site, without neglecting the possibilities to include other energy sources renewable.

“We had already committed to a policy of sustainable management of energy and significantly reduce our CO2 emissions under the Airport Carbon Accreditation program. For technical reasons, the share of renewables in our energy mix remains small at the moment, but each change of one percent is an important step for a daily consumption of 20,000 staff members and 50,000 passengers, “said Arnaud Feist, director of the airport.

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