The German company Bosch Solar Energy continues to grow and states that it strongly reinforced its presence in the European market through the signing of two new partnerships.

Bosch Solar Energy AG has indeed signed partnership contracts with SEN EWS and Solar Energy Systems North of Schleswig-Holstein, two vendors that specialize in renewable energy.

“Our partners have extensive experience in the photovoltaic industry,” said Holger von Hebel, CEO of Bosch Solar Energy AG. “Through this experience, they are able to offer a complete service and an excellent level of consulting services aimed at installers. Their requirement in terms of quality and performance are in perfect harmony with the ambition of the Bosch Group.”

Meanwhile, Bosch Solar Energy strengthens its presence in key European markets. Thus the company opened mid-March a new manufacturing unit of crystalline photovoltaic modules on the French site of Venissieux. Established in only eight months, the production has a peak capacity of 150 megawatts and employ up to 200 people. The lines fitted to the new plant provide great flexibility of use and can produce five different types of noncrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules. This is the production unit modules that are the largest and the most modern in France.

“Because of its geographical position, France has plenty of sunshine, particularly in the south. With our production house there, a wide range of modules and the reputation of Bosch, are meeting all the conditions to be among the market leaders,” said Holger von Hebel.

A new sales office will also open its doors to Turkey during the summer. The market is very attractive, especially because of the excellent sunshine enjoyed by the country, but also soaring energy needs. In Turkey, Bosch Solar Energy will focus on planning and implementation of turnkey photovoltaic parks.

Bosch parks of a peak turnkey photovoltaic capacity of 50 megawatts are also underway in the Bulgarian town of Kazanlak.

The company has acquired the rights to park projects. The first tranche of a power of 25 MW will be connected to the network by the end of this month. PV farms cover an area of ​​1.4 million m2. The facilities consist of 105,000 crystalline modules Bosch produce annually about 34 million kilowatt hours of electricity, the equivalent needs of approximately 10,000 homes.

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