International Airport Guglielmo Marconi of Bologna city turns to renewable energy by adopting the solar charging station “Elettra”.

This charging equipment for electric vehicles (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment – EVSE) inaugurated last Friday was manufactured by the Italian company Giulio Barbieri. It offers users the ability to recharge their electric vehicles for free during their time at the airport.

“Elettra is evidence of the attention paid by Marconi airport to safeguard the environment,” noted the President of the airport, Ms. Giada Grandi. “At the beginning of 2001, G. Marconi was one of the first airports to invest in a photovoltaic plant of 80 kW with a total area of 1100 m². During the past years, our group has worked hard to reduce the environmental impact on our territory, obtaining accreditation “Level 2: Reduction” ACI Europe under the Protocol Accreditation carbon airports to reduce greenhouse gas emissions due.”

Equipped with batteries placed on top of an upper beam structure, the station can offer one or two charging points for a maximum power output of 3.5 kW. This resort has been designed to ensure energy supply 24/7, even in case of bad weather or insufficient irradiation: “If necessary, users can be automatically connected to the local power grid.”

“This is part of the EVSE range of products that meet the highest European quality standards. Our solar carports have recently received the CE mark. European market is the first to recognize our work. We are proud to count among our recent work station for recharging electric vehicles Baka, one of the largest in North America, the carport of 400 kW solar electric company of Swiss public GIS, solar stations charging for electric vehicles government of Paris, Osnabrück and Helsingborg and solar station electric bikes of the European Commission” said Giulio Barbieri for his part, President of the eponymous company,

The name ‘Elettra’ from a competition organized by the airport staff. He recalls not only the type of service provided, but also pays tribute to Princess Elettra Marconi, daughter of Nobel Prize in Physics Guglielmo Marconi, who the airport is named after.

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