The hybrid bus manufactured by Tata Hispano recently began the testing phase with travelers strengthening Zaragoza TUZSA’s route 40.

This phase will take about three weeks, until mid September. This is the first vehicle of its kind in Europe the company is testing and does so in the Aragonese capital.

Zaragoza will test a hybrid bus to the middle of September in line 40, which runs between San Jose and neighborhood Romareda. Vice Mayor of Zaragoza, Fernando Gimeno, has indicated that this transport is a higher initial investment, while maintenance is lower.

The company that manufactured the vehicle chassis is TATA Hispano, in collaboration with Tata Motors, has carried out energy management. As explained in statements to the media on Tata Motors technical director, Ramón Zapater, allows the bus’ fuel economy at around 35%, reduce CO2 emissions and ensure acoustic comfort lacking gearbox. ”

The bus has a drive system consisting of several electric motors that receive electricity from a diesel engine. “A generator produces electricity that builds up in the lithium batteries and other supplies the traction motor,” explains Zapater. “Autonomy is the same as a normal car and when the batteries are charged 25% of work time in pure electric mode,” qualifies Zapater.

The bus has a capacity of 29 seats, which include four seats for the disabled and a place for travelers in wheelchairs. The vehicle has electric gates for quick access, and electronic signs to signal stops.

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