The Global Wind Energy Council, the WWF, the Lego Group, Vestas Wind Systems, Bloomberg (WindMade official data provider) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (auditor’s official stamp in question) announced recently the launch the first global label that will identify products made with wind energy.

“The initiative WindMade is a direct response to the growing demand for sustainable products.” In these terms have been announced, companies and organizations mentioned above, the global launch WindMade seal. And, as the general secretary of the Global Wind Energy, Steve Sawyer, who deals with an interim executive management WindMade as governments’ dragging their feet, consumers want to see change now. ” So, “added Sawyer in Abu Dabhi, where it has been launched this global initiative,” the private sector should begin to provide solutions to meet the global crisis, a climate and energy crisis “with WindMade, we want to facilitate change that the public demands. ”

According to the statement released yesterday the institutions carrying out this initiative, “made a global survey of 25,000 consumers over twenty markets has shown that 92% of respondents believe that renewables are a good solution to mitigate climate change that, if they are in the position to choose, most of them prefer products made with wind energy, costing even more. ” However, the developers added, “consumers do not yet have, to date, how to verify the source of the energy used” by the manufacturers in their processes. Well, WindMade aims to fill this gap with absolute “transparency” so that consumers can make “informed choices.”

“We want to build a bridge to clean energy among consumers and the companies responsible, and give consumers the option of choosing more sustainable products,” the president of Vestas Wind Systems, Ditlev Engel, who added further that the promoters of this initiative want other companies to join this effort. WindMade has already commissioned a technical expert group developing the certification process. WindMade initiative will be presented in more detail at a meeting of the founding members is scheduled to take place during the Davos World Economic Forum in June.

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