The initial contract will be for 150 MW. The Central American country has no wind farms, although there are several ongoing projects.

In addition to the hydroelectric projects in 2012 will enter the Panamanian market, said Minister of Economy and Finance, Alberto Vallarino, the tenders for wind power will be made ​​soon revealed . Vallarino said the initial contract will be for 150 MW.

The head of MEF said that according to reports from market regulators in the future could extend that wind capacity. The representative of the executive opted for the generation of clean energy.

Panama, unlike other Latin American countries still lack of wind farms. There are plans to install wind turbines, and several companies such as Fersa want to develop wind power in Panama. In the long run, Panama is committed to wind power, which the country would not be as dependent on changes in fuel prices. The administrator of the National Authority of Public Services (ASEP), Zelmar Rodriguez said several wind projects that have registered at the school office and even some companies already have their provisional licenses.

“A number of other wind companies are in the process of delivery of the environmental impact study and other requirements we are asking for,” he said. Rodriguez stressed that these projects will not be ready for this year, because they are long term investments and are in the process of paperwork and housekeeping. Wind Fersa Panamanian Union and plans to install a total of 5 wind turbines with a capacity of 565 MW.

The Panamanian public services regulator, ASEP has granted five licenses to date final wind wind generation totaling 565 MW. Businesses and farms that were licensed projects are Fersa (Toabre of 225 MW, Anton, 105 MW) and Wind Panamanian Union (Nuevo Chagres of 169MW, Marañón, 18 MW, and Portobelo, 48 MW).

The regulator is evaluating 14 other wind projects that will generate a total of 1.48 GW. Companies that applied for licenses to its wind farms wind turbines are Cerro Azul (Atlantic, 200 MW), Central American Renewable Energy (Veraguas I, 52MW), Energy and Services Panama (Hornitos, 34.5 MW), Energy & Environmental Engineering (The Colorada, 160 MW), Helium Energy Panama (South Wind, 150 MW; Escudero, 50 MW; Treasury, 110 MW), Central America Innovent (Santa Cruz, 58 MW, Cerro Jefe, 52 MW), 8 Panama Plan (Anton South , 180 MW), Wind Society of Panama (Boquete, 100 MW), Santa Fe Energy (The Viking, 81 MW) and Wind Panamanian Union (La Rosa de los Vientos, 194 MW, Cerro Azul, 53 MW).

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