Feria de Zaragoza and Business Association (AEE) have presented a preview of the biennial PowerExpo Wind, which will open its doors next September 27 in Zaragoza. “The 2011 edition will exceed the number of companies and size to that of 2009,” according to Julian Perez, director of Wind PowerExpo. In addition, this eighth edition-second wind-only feature Mexico as guest country.

Wind PowerExpo director, Julian Perez, stated that “all major companies have already confirmed their attendance” at the fair and to be present shelves, both of which contrast with the 2009 edition, when the appointment lacked the knack leading manufacturers and there was no great machine at the show due to lack of coordination between PowerExpo Wind and other international fairs. Now, the three major competitions (EWEA, Wind Husum and PowerExpo) are coordinated, according to Perez.

“The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) welcomed its fair every year and always in the first half, since 2008, the fair is held Husum Germany in the second half, in even years and, finally, since 2009, odd-numbered year and in the second half, Zaragoza welcomes PowerExpo Wind. ” That is, each semester there is a fair for the sector. Zaragoza, 2011 edition will include the participation of 214 exhibitors and a total of 8,000 visitors, according to organizers estimated.

Operation, maintenance, Mexico and Tunisia
In Zaragoza, and as is customary, AEE organize technical seminars, focusing this time on the operation and maintenance. To them, it is anticipated 350 delegates attending. Furthermore, according to Perez, this year, Wind PowerExpo “strengthens the concept of the guest” (in 2009, enjoyed the status of Maine, USA). This time the guest is Mexico, with which the fair has been in contact through the Mexican Embassy in Madrid and the agency Porméjico. “I have seen with good eyes and they are working,” says Perez.

The guest country has an institutional space within the exhibition, as well as a day of institutional encounters between Europe and Mexico. Meetings were also organized B2B (Business to Business), in addition to technical visits to parks and farms in Aragón companies. On the other hand, Wind PowerExpo-event organized by Exhibition Centre with InfoPower and collaboration with ESA and the Government of Aragon, is talking with Tunisia to host the visit of a delegation from Morocco.

Two unparalleled experience: network integration and efficiency
In that vein, the director of external relations at ESA, Sergio de Otto, also underscores the international nature of the event. And, according to Otto, many countries look to the Spanish model, by the interest that worldwide the Spanish experience in network integration and efficiency of the parks, which have allowed Spain to produce more electricity from wind than Germany, despite having less power than the big brother installed northern white (7,000 megawatts less, in particular), despite also that Spain is practically an electrical island.

In regard specifically to the section on efficiency, Otto says that this issue is key to the technical sessions on the O & M that ESA place within PowerExpo Wind: “Once a wind farm in service, maintenance is the only factor which increases the benefit. ” Otto recalled that Spain has the first operator of parks in the world, and several other leaders such as Acciona and EDP, as well as an extensive industrial fabric, all of which makes Spain the “world reference”. For Otto, PowerExpo Wind is “the showcase of this experience.”

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