Georgia seeks foreign investors for a 50 MW wind farm, said Energy Minister Mariam Valishvili.

“Georgia is trying to diversify its energy sources,” he said. The wind farm, located in western Georgia, is scheduled to end in 2015, Valishvili said in an interview in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

The country is already a net exporter of electricity, thanks to the 1,300 MW hydropowerstation  Inguri. Another 1,800 MW are in the pipeline, mainly for export.

Georgia intends to use its strategic position between the Caucasus and Turkey, allowing you to reach markets in the Middle East and Eastern Europe to make the country a major electricity exporter.

With 5 million inhabitants, today Georgia is already a net exporter of electricity by Inguri dam, which in 2007, with its 1,300 MW of capacity, changed the scenario, the deficit, with frequent power cuts, to overproduction (Inguri covers about 50% of Georgia’s electricity needs.)

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