Russia has the highest wind potential around the world, but its oil and natural gas, combined with its anti-ecological policy, has made the development of renewable energy negligible.

During a meeting between the head of the republic and Adigeya Atomenergmash company representatives, an agreement was reached on the installation of wind farms in the republic.

In the territory of the republic of Adigeya there will be created wind farms with a capacity of 750 MW. The wind turbines will be located in Giaginski, Shovgenovski and Koshebalski regions of the republic. The sites for the installation of wind turbines were already chosen.

The project will have several stages. In the near future a joint venture between the Republic and the company Adigeya “Atomenergmash” will be founded that will carry out the construction and operation of wind farms, reports the press service of the head of Adigeya republic.

Thanks to the construction of wind farms in Adigeya, the republic expects having its own energy base for the development of industry in and receive annual tax revenues worth 100-150 million rubles ($3.2-4.8 mln). A sale of electricity to consumers of the republic and in the wholesale market of electric power is planned as well.

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