Marin energi testsenter AS, also known as MetCentre, has reached an agreement with technology company Sway for full scale testing of its floating wind turbines.

The Sway’s floating platform is designed to carry wind turbines of sizes between 2.5 to 5 MW at depths between 55 and 350 meters.

This strengthens the competence of the Norwegian offshore wind farm sector because the sector of oil and gas has the capacity to be transplanted to offshore.

Norway plans to export Hywind turbines to Japan

It was the first state visit to Japan in eight years and the prime minister Jens Stoltenberg has traveled with a trade delegation consisting of 123 persons. Including representatives from Statoil. But then came the earthquake, the tsunami and the collapse of nuclear reactors and the visit was postponed.

Wind technology developed by Hywind now is ready to be installed in marine waters with depths between 120-700 meters. This is one of the reasons for Statoil pointing to Japan. The world’s first floating turbine size has been moving in the turbulent sea between the Utsira and Karmøy since the spring of 2009. Against the expected 3.5 GWh, Hywind produced twice as that last year, 7.3 GWh. The experimental wind turbine has endured waves of 11 meters, and construction has not been affected by bad weather to a greater extent.

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