Renewable Energy Enlight signed cooperation agreements with six communities in the Golan, to establish wind turbines in the Golan Heights, which added a total of 50 megawatts in the area.

n Israeli renewable energy company, which focuses primarily on photovoltaic solar energy facilities, is adding wind farms, through a collaboration agreement made ​​with six communities in the Golan.

The company, Enlight Renewable Energy, a subsidiary of Eurocom Communications Ltd. public and has installed solar panels on a number of kibbutzim and moshavim throughout Israel since its establishment in 2008. Enlight is interested in expanding other forms of renewable energy, and since the Israeli cabinet approved an allocation of 800 megawatts of wind farms, the company is ideal this time to lead the company in that direction, according to CEO and Director Gilad Yavetz.

“We have initiated the development of wind potential over a year ago, but most of our activities to date were in the business side of development,” said Yavetz. “We started in photovoltaic solar energy in the first three years, because this was the purest in terms of regulations in Israel. We also strongly believe in the potential of wind energy, and now that the legal framework for doing so, we are entering this field, “he said.

While Enlight currently has signed agreements with six communities in the Golan, said he expects Yavetz set between 8 and 10 systems, which will add a total of 50 megawatts in the area.

One of the two current obstacles that still stands in the way is the possibility of getting wind turbines. To achieve this requires the approval of the Authority of Public Services. “We expect to take place in the near future,” said Yavetz with respect to the application conditions.

Secondly another difficulty is the legal steps to issue building permits, which can take up to a year to get as this requires “a national policy that provides the legal rules for all committees to assess and deliver permits “, he said. Enlight expects the company to be able to start building wind turbines in two years.

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