The results will be decisive for the site in that region of a wind farm and wind turbines.

A regional study of the field of wind and solar radiation takes place in the northern province of Sancti Spiritus, there might be an area where maximum utilization of wind energy. The results will be decisive for the site in that region of a wind power and small farm of windmills and wind turbines.

The project, rector of the Provincial Meteorological Center, provides measurements in the municipality of Yaguajay which installed an automatic weather station to determine mesoscale sites of maximum wind speed that could be exploited.

According to the results of wind map of Cuba, Sancti Spiritus province there is no wind areas to locate wind farms of medium to high power, however, empirical studies indicate that may be isolated localities with favorable conditions in order to be exploited.

Sancti Spiritus has strong potential in the use of windmills with over 500 installed around the country. The successful use of each in the pumping of water means an annual saving of over 2 500 liters of oil, hence the need to extend the use of Medinilla clear Naples.

The province also shows positive experience in the crafting of small wind turbines that allow the use of wind energy as an alternative to electrification.

With the use of renewable energy sources how are you, besides replacing the conventional use of a process leading to rapid depletion, contributing to lower levels of air pollution, the main factor that currently determines the climate change.

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