Wind power is extended by the Balkan countries. Croatia has wind farms, and there are already projects underway in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and now in Macedonia.

Elem, a public power sector, plans to install 15 to 18 wind turbines of 2 to 3 MW capacity each in the next two years in the first phase of the first wind farm in Macedonia. The wind farm will have a total capacity of 37 megawatts.

Elem Bogdanci install the wind turbines in southern Macedonia near the Greek border. The construction of the wind power plant is expected to start in autumn this year. Wind energy production will reduce imports of electricity and CO2 emissions.

The wind project will cost 55 million euros, financed by Elem and through a loan of 32.9 billion euros of German bank KfW. In a second phase other wind turbines to be installed, increasing capacity to 50 MW.

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