Tarija has no large wind turbines installed, but there are several renewable energy projects underway.

A project profile for the installation of 14 wind turbines of electric power of 1.5 MW each was presented by a committee of the People’s Republic of China to Tarija, said Luis Paz, alternative energy consultant of the Interior.

At present, the document being scanned and then sign a contract to implement this benefit to the department. Paz said, “It should be noted that China is among the first countries based power generation from wind, and that this reference speaks of an experience in that field.”

The most suitable place has been located in the department is the town of Angostura. The mills are easy to install, however it must create the conditions for transfer, have a large capacity crane and quite high since the machines will be raised from 80 to 100 meters, while the blades are about 50 meters of long as the paper.

The wind project has a financing offer from the same Republic of China as a whole and the debt would be payable within 20 years, with the same income would generate, it will be interconnected to the national grid (SIN). Being a foreign-funded work, you must meet certain requirements at the national level the Ministry of Economy and Finance Department and the Legislative Assembly.

Finally, Paz said that this project would be the first at national level and put the department as a pioneer in alternative energy in Bolivia, so he said he is working for two wind measurement towers 70 to 80 meters

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