The Azores and Canary Islands and thousands of other islands can be supplied with a combination of solar, wind, hydro and storage systems to manage the network.

A German company Younicos is trying to meet the power consumption of an entire community with only energy from renewable energy.

Younicos chose one of the smaller islands off the coast of Portugal as a place to carry out the necessary tests. Circa four thousand five hundred people live there and now depend almost entirely on imported energy. Younicos want to bring a change, and relies on wind power and solar energy to meet the needs of the island.

“We will have a place in the world where now the charge of renewable energy is guaranteed one hundred percent, without people who live there have to suffer a lower quality or other disadvantages compared with other industrialized countries.”

One of the most important issues to consider in all renewable energy systems is storage. The company took on this challenge with the world’s largest battery.

This is the world’s largest battery and also the most harsh and therefore more reliable. Lasts 15 years and beyond and brought to Europe to demonstrate that today it is possible to fill our nets with batteries and also to show that in the islands is possible to use a high percentage of renewable energy.

The German company believes that every home should be self-sufficient and energy independent. This is already a reality for some Germans, as Clemens Triebel, Founder of Younicos. “Our vision is not that big central giant battery. Our vision is that all this decentralized, such as photovoltaics.”

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  1. Too late!!!
    One of the Canaries (El Hierro) is going to be the first island in the World to produce its energy out of renewable sources.
    A combination of Hydro and Wind mills.

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