Constant and steady winds is one of the requirements to consider wind power as an alternative to the time of generating clean renewable energy. These natural conditions are some of the best reasons that led the company to project North Mendoza Winds wind farm in Pampa Amarilla, an area located some 90 kilometers west of San Rafael.

The project promises to generate, at a time when energy supply is at the limit, in a first stage 12 megawatts of power through 200 generators that make up what is technically called a farm. This, together with the factory installation of the turbines will require an investment of 36 million dollars, which are immersed in the project which will seek to generate up to 300 megawatts of power and which will require a total of $700 million.

These are the plans for North Winds Mendoza-a domestic capital corporation, whose draft was submitted to the provincial government and already has a statement of provincial interest. For Jorge Paneblanco president of the firm, that statement is part of the 70%, now subtract the environmental impact study also involved a statutory public hearing.

But the wind farm is hampered by the requirement of banks worldwide of a surety that in Argentina there, asked for the total project, which includes the creation of 7,000 jobs.

Note that the first generator will be brought from Spain, but under an WN patent. Then they will be produced in Mendoza, the Provincial Industrial Park located in Lujan.

When asked about the possibility of producing environmental impact in the area to install the wind farm, Paneblanco told that in the low Andes there would be installed low equipment, 30 meters high that would not cause a larger environmental impact. Regarding the impact of the turbines it would be zero since they carry out a fence that prevents an animal to enter.

In addition the wind farm will have a processing plant to manage the energy to be delivered to Cammesa, the consortium responsible for the distribution of energy to the national grid. The plant, once fully-working will have an installed capacity of 300 MW which means ten times the power currently available to the country in terms of wind energy.

The park will be installed over an area of 13.5 hectares and the area covered by the ships and civil works will reach 31,258 square meters. The generators to be installed are new, work continuously taking advantage of low winds in the area.

Note that this project could be replicated in other provinces as Tucumán, where Gov. George Capitanich met with representatives of WN in San Luis. But the idea beyond the borders of the nation and the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales wants to take the same enterprise but with 1,500 megawatts of power in his country. “We would be bringing a project in Argentina to neighboring countries,” said Paneblanco.

The first stage requires an investment of $36 million for the installation of the plant in Lujan and 200 wind turbines that generate 50 kW each to be added to produce 1.5 megawatt turbine.

It was originally estimated would take about 13 years to complete the installation of the wind farm in Pampa Amarilla, but by the state of the proceedings would be in less time, making the park the 300 megawatts generated within five or six years . Anyway, they said since the signing, there to await the change of government to proceed with environmental impact studies.

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