Siemens announced recently the registration of several orders for onshore wind farms on the European continent covering a total capacity of 360 megawatts.

During the first four months of 2011, Siemens Energy has indeed won a total of 11 orders for the supply and installation of 151 wind turbines onshore, with a total capacity of 360 megawatts (MW). The total output of this command set enough to power 230,000 European homes with electricity from renewable sources. For two of these projects, Siemens said it will deliver 19 of its “new wind turbines with direct drive, which show 3 MW power and 101-meter rotor diameter each.

These turbines are designed for wind farms in Turkey Dagpazari (39 MW) and Millour Hill (18 MW) in the United Kingdom.

With 87,000 MW of installed capacity, Europe is now the largest wind market in the world. According to forecasts from the World Council of wind energy (Global Wind Energy Council), the installed capacity worldwide will rise to 459,000 MW by 2015.

“Siemens is the undisputed world leader in offshore wind, but we also gain market share on the mainland,” said Michael Suess, CEO of Siemens Energy Sector. “Last year, Siemens was already No. 2 in the U.S., a leading market for wind power onshore. In Europe too, we are gaining ground now. We’re getting closer to our goal of becoming by 2012 a major turbine manufacturers,” said Michael Suess.

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