Kazakhstan provides 250 MW of wind power by 2015 and 2,000 MW in 2030. The expected level of wind penetration is very low: less than 1% in 2015 and about 4% of electricity in 2030.

Green Power Central Asia, a joint venture between Kazakhstan’s Visor Group and the Turkish subsidiary of the Italian group Relight Group, seeks funding to build two wind farms with a capacity of 600 MW in the south of the country an estimated cost of 1,000 million dollars. Construction is planned for two years and be the first major wind farm in the country, which has only a few wind turbines unstaladas.

Kazakhstan, like all the old former Soviet Union countries, has adopted wind power well after Europe or China, despite its size and nature of the steppe provides plenty of wind resources, is more, Kazakhstan has the highest wind resource per capita worldwide, still untapped.

South Kazakhstan is highly dependent on imported electricity from Uzbekistan and coal in northern Kazakhstan. A memorandum signed between Green Power Between Central Asia and the Kazakh state company KEGOC, ordered the construction of two large wind farms, Shokpar and Zhanat, with a capacity of 400 MW and 200 MW respectively.

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