The Wind Cube is a design finalist in the 2011 IDEA awards, designers Liao Chang-Hsun Chen and Wen-chih University of Science and Technology of Taiwan, had the bright idea of bringing wind energy at a more homey to now efficient wind turbines were expensive and bulky, requiring towers to elevate it above the house on a while ago and a new design of vertical axis wind turbines, but these have the problem of the low power of electricity, although in last time was much improved by having more and more powerful magnets and tiny.

He posed with the Wind Cube is a small wind aerogenarador type of easy installation, built with cheap materials that could be affordable to any pocket, it is capable of generating 100 watts.

But it does not end there can be interconnected with each other thanks to its modular design greatly increasing the power, so that only fifteen of them could cover the energy cost of a house with four occupants.

They take advantage of air currents at low operating most of the time. The helix of each of them has the ability to rotate at different angles in order to better adapt to the wind, but being subject to a small telescopic pole allows you to easily fall back when the weather conditions, accompanied by strong winds are unfavorable.

I sincerely hope you do not run in the design and the company that sponsors the designers achieved a little while to bring the idea to market.

This is the sort ideas we need to stop relying on dirty energy and exhaustible as coal, oil, gas and nuclear power.

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