Viarsa Energia has requested an environmental impact statement for the installation of a wind farm of 14 wind turbines in the territory of Cantabria and Burgos.

Wind Farm is the Magdalena, of 25.2 megawatts, in Cantabria affects the towns of Luena and Campoo Yuso and Burgos to the Valle de Valdebezana and Valdeporres Merindad.

The planned number of wind turbines is fourteen, the Vestas V-90 type with a unit capacity of 1.8 megawatts and a total capacity of 25.2 megawatts. The height of the towers is 80 meters and rotor diameter of 90.

The wind farm will have a power substation to transform energy from the collector lines underground turbines with a nominal power transformer of 25/35 MVA and a ratio of 66/30 kV. The substation will be of mixed type and weather elements in building and land will be located in the municipality of Valle de Valdebezana (Burgos).

The court will have jurisdiction in the Directorate General for Energy and Mines of Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade for the official authorization prior Environmental Impact Statement issued by the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs.

The request for administrative approval, and environmental impact statement of the project, are now before the public inquiry for a period of thirty days, during which claims may be made ​​which will be forwarded to the Area of Industry and Energy of the Delegation of Government in Cantabria.

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