Vestas Wind specialists recently introduced their new generation of Gridstream wind turbines with an output of 2.0 MW.

According to the Danish manufacturer, these machines offer a significantly increased production, an integrated network compatibility and therefore an energy cost competitive. This version will be marketed initially in the U.S. markets, then those on the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Latin America, Caribbean and about 70% of the African continent.

The new generation of 2 MW turbines gives a better performance with a transmission and system management costs and an improved power system based on a full power converter. It also offers a high load factor reached an integrated power of 2.0 MW with a rotor diameter of 90 meters for sites with high winds, and with a rotor diameter of 100 meters for sites with low winds and moderate . The wind is certified according to the latest IEC standards.

“With the 2 MW Gridstream wind turbines our customers can benefit from a modular wind turbine fleet dynamics, designed for optimum performance whatever the site conditions and classes of wind,” says Juan Araluce, President of Vestas Mediterranean.

Also according to Vestas, with the new multiplier design, advanced control systems, and a larger diameter rotor, these turbines can be installed on sites with strong winds. For example, with a wind speed of 8 m / sec on ​​average, V100 – 2.0 MW on a site IEC II produces about 15% more energy than the V90 – 1.8 MW. The multiplier is equipped with integrated torque arm and a fully integrated lubrication system. Being composed of fewer parts, therefore it offers greater ease of maintenance and reduced maintenance costs.

“The modular design of the 2 MW Gridstream wind turbines allows for local production which facilitates local sourcing of components and service delivery throughout the value chain Vestas” concluded Juan Araluce.

The first series of turbines will be delivered and installed in 2012.

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