Venezuela depends on hydropower for electricity generation and oil and natural gas for the rest. But it starts to take the first steps to develop wind energy.

The drought last year forced the country to take consideration the installation of wind turbines. The country is already building its first wind farm of 100 MW of Gamesa turbines and several wind projects in development.

The People’s Minister of Electricity, Ali Rodriguez Araque, said that the measurements made ​​in the country estimated to be 20,000 MW installed wind power. “In addition to hydraulic and thermal potential we also have a huge wind potential. In the measurements that have been made ​​so far, it is estimated that we can install 20 megawatts. Only in La Guajira can install 10,000 megawatts, ” he said in Venezuelan Television (VTV).

He noted that Venezuela has such characteristics subregion because the winds have uniformity in terms of speed and direction. On the other hand, explained that “one of the problems facing many countries is changing a lot of wind velocity and its direction, and that creates more complexity in engineering. So that in La Guajira is available up to 65% of wind energy, compared to 25% or maximum 30% you get in Europe. ”

In this regard, Rodriguez Araque said that joint efforts with Argentina Impsa the first towers will be installed in La Guajira. The minister noted that PDVSA is installing 100 MW in Paraguana (Falcon) and will be installed capacity in the state of Sucre, in Margarita, Coche (Nueva Esparta) in some regions of the Andes and Los Llanos. “This is a progressive development, because wind generation is five times more expensive than heat.” The minister’s cost data are skewed and are not certain, but at least beginning to learn.

The owner of Electric Power said that proposal is in the possibility of placing solar panels and solar water heaters in homes built by the National Executive.

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