Renault has announced prices for electric vehicles Twizy in Europe and the ability to place orders online for its small electric car on the

Twizy electric cars will be available in Europe, Urban version 45, at a price of 6990 euros including taxes, but thanks to the peer support by the Ministry of Industry, through Decree 648/2011 of May 10, 2011 in Spain you can buy from 4917.

Also, electric cars and Twizy Urban Twizy Technic (80 kilometers per hour) will be offered in Europe at a price of 7,690 euros and 8.490 euros including taxes, and in Spain, with the aid will go on sale for 5,409 and 5,972 euros, respectively. “Sales prices below, by far, the price of a three-wheeled scooter,” said Renault.

Renault Twizy is the “first electric vehicle of innovative architecture that facilitates urban mobility with a higher security level to a motorcycle” and will be marketed in Europe since 2011 and made ​​so the Valladolid factory, said in a statement. The range starts with the version Twizy Urban 45, limited to 45 mph maximum speed that can be used without a driving license in several countries, including Spain. This price, “inferior” to that of a 125 cc scooter, “allows drivers to choose between a motorcycle and a car.” 45 Twizy customers must sign a monthly fee of 45 euros (taxes included) for the rental of the battery, reports Ical.

Furthermore, Renault presented in the Barcelona Motor Show two versions of Twizy equipped with the 20hp engine, reaching a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour. This is the Twizy Urban and Twizy Technic, whose customers must sign a subscription contract for rental of the battery of 49 euros per month including tax.

On the Twizy web-site customers can find the electric vehicle in more detail and to book a Twizy depositing an amount of 20 euros via a system of secure online payment. You will be contacted as a priority at the time of marketing to confirm the order of their Twizy. The web is present in 38 countries and has received more than five million visitors since its opening on September 4, 2009, “proof of interest shown by motorists in the Renault ZE program.”

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