Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and Toyota Media Service, the company’s information technology TMC have jointly developed a charger for electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) . It is expected that the magazine, called G-Station, begin to be marketed in Japan by Toyota Media Service next July.

The G-Station, 200V, includes a recognition function contactless smart card, and can connect via the Internet with Smart Toyota Center1. Likewise, G-station uses the global platform in the cloud ‘, which was recently announced as a joint development with Microsoft Corporation.

Users can receive e-mails informing them that charging is complete, and may also consult with a smartphone or mobile phone, location and availability of different chargers. By identifying the user by verifying the smart card, charger administrators can view usage history, billing the user, or award points based on length of use and control the use of remote charger. Administrators can also attach additional information to the location information sent by the G-Station.

Moreover, the location of the chargers can be seen and to target systems that are compatible with G-Smart BOOK2 G-BOOK and an information service for smartphones. In addition, Smart Toyota Center information on the location and availability of chargers will be open format, so you can view maps through the Internet and other navigation systems manufacturers.

G-Station, compatible with the methods of EV and PHEV charging proposed by Japan and vehicles used with both Toyota and other brands will be available in two versions: Type A (standard) and Type B (advanced). Type A, with a price of 280,000 yen (€ 2,400) for the main unit (tax) will be the role of telecommunications charger with a more affordable price of sector 3.

Besides selling the G-Station Toyota dealers in Japan, Toyota Media Service plans to expand sales to places like malls and restaurants. By the end of 2012, cumulative sales are expected about 3,000 units of G-Station.

TMC shows the G-Station on the Toyota stand at the Smart Grid Exhibition 2011 held at Tokyo Big Sight from 15 to 17 June.

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