Despite the moratorium established since December 2010, the company Ciel et Terre (Sky & Earth) announced that it has connected 20 new large solar power plants in France, conceptualized and set up solar power plants on the water, while exporting the technology abroad.

Specializing in the design, operation, and development of photovoltaic industry and the roof to the ground, Ciel et Terre will connect the 20th solar power since the moratorium. Or a total capacity of 8 MWp on industrial roofs with an area between 1000 and 22 000 m2. In addition, the company is now present on the tender “great power on the ground” with four projects in Provence, Languedoc and Aquitaine.

However, despite the new regulations of the French photovoltaic, Ciel et Terre plans to continue! Indeed, by recently creating innovative solar power plants in a lake. These photovoltaic great powers are both floating, recyclable, French-made and constructed in accordance with the biodiversity of water bodies (industrial basins, ancient lakes career…).

This new method of designing electricity in a technically efficient and economically viable, attractive sunny today in many countries where electricity is very expensive for the time and space scarce.

Therefore, Heaven and Earth has strengthened its position by participating in development of international solar projects under “Sky & Earth” brand. According to the company, many partnerships have been forged in order to export the concept of solar lake in India, Israel, Thailand and the United States and Ecuador.

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