Solar thermal energy in Spain could contribute more significantly to the reduction of external energy dependence of the country, the security of supply and make energy prices more competitive.

The solar thermal industry could reach 10GW of installed capacity in 2020, according to the report to support the development of Renewable Energy Plan 2011-2020. The technical potential – economic application of solar thermal energy in the Spanish industrial sector is 68GW of installed capacity (97 million square meters) and annual useful heat 60TWh, according to the report to support the development of the Plan 2011-2020 Renewable Energies ‘Evaluation of the potential of solar thermal energy in the industrial sector’ of the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDEA), conducted by the consultants and energy experts.

After determining the full potential of solar thermal industry, the study identified two possible installation scenarios to 2020. In the most favorable scenario, referred to 10GW of installed capacity to 14.4 million square meters. While in the least favorable scenario, the application potential of 1.7 GW would, corresponding to 2.4 million square meters. Even in this case, thermal solar energy by 2020 would generate 14% more energy than the Technical Building Code, thereby generating the ST would be between 0.6% and 2.4% of energy consumption final heat consumption and refrigeration industry.

The findings of the study, the annual energy consumption in the Spanish industrial uses is thermal and the surface ST 378TWh available is 319 million square meters. By provinces Barcelona, ​​with 46 million square meters, Madrid and Valencia with 31 to 20, are those that have greater total surface area available for industrial thermal uses.

Since the housing market will not be the engine of development of solar power in Spain, mainly due to the ballast of the economic crisis in the construction of new housing, the use of the advantages of ST technology in industrial processes and air conditioning in all sectors with heat demand will be key to the evolution of the solar thermal sector in our country in this decade.

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