The Japanese technology corporation Kyocera has announced the provision of a total of 446 solar modules for 2 parking car ports in Burghausen, Germany.

Cars or bikes with an electric motor provides a means of transport “green”, sparking a growing consumer interest. The consequences are an increasing number of electric charging stations in Germany.

The company BLU “e” Solar Group GmbH has installed a car port, equipped with a charging station for electric cars or bikes. The station in Burghausen is not only “green”, but it is also economically attractive for: Used cars and electric bikes are currently reloaded free of charge.

With 248 Kyocera solar modules (KD215GH-2PU), the first shade house parking will develop a power of 53.32 kWp, while the second of the same type, equipped with 198 solar modules, will have a capacity of 42.57 kWp. Special! The energy not used by the charging station is fed back into the grid.

Kyocera recalls that in standard test conditions, the high performance module KD215GH-2PU reached a nominal power of 215 watts for a module efficiency of 14.4%.

In addition, 54 solar cells installed to guarantee the user a high annual energy yield. Contacts for connection boxes, Kyocera relies on welded connections, not by clamping assemblies, ensuring reliable protection against fire hazards.

Finally, a solid chassis module allows a high mechanical strength: the module withstands high wind pressures and high snow loads up to 5400 N/m2.

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