The German energy group E. ON announced on September 9 the construction of two new facilities in Italy, one of which will be the largest plant built by the company to date.

Indeed, with a capacity of 17.88 MW, the plant will become the FS2 most important project in the PV portfolio of E. ON.

E. ON is firmly committed to development projects in Europe photovoltaic (PV) on a large scale since the Fiume Santo powerplant 2 (FS2) and 5 (FS5) will be the sixth and seventh solar power plants built by E. ON in the 18 months. “The production capacity of photovoltaic power plants combined Group has now reached 29.6 MW” the company said in a statement.

FS2 and FS5 plants will be built near the coal plant of E. ON, Fiume Santo in Porto Torres, in north-western Sardinia. These two parks are equipped with photovoltaic modules in crystalline silicon. FS2 building began in June, that of FS5 in July. At full capacity, the two plants generate enough electricity to meet demand annual average of about 20 000 households.

“I am delighted that we managed to put into service over the last nine months, five solar farms in France and Italy, with a combined capacity of 23.6 MW. Upon completion of FS2 and FS5 central end of 2011, we will have a portfolio of European photovoltaic capacity over 60 MW and we have demonstrated our commitment to providing “a cleaner energy and more efficient,”  said Christophe Jurczak, head of the Photovoltaic industry within E. ON.

Thus, the construction of two plants in Italy is expected to reach the region of Porto Torres in both the provision of renewable energy in economic development. E. ON plans to involve “a hundred inhabitants of the commune in the construction phase.”

“As part of a three-year plan to build solar power plants, E. ON and the Sardinian regional authorities have decided to play a role in sustainable development and ecology of the area of Porto Torres. These projects will make possible, until 2014, long-term investments that benefit the region, “said Christophe Jurczak.

The German Group built in 2009, Italy, its first solar power plant with a capacity of 1.4 MW, the site of Fiume Santo. Two other plants, located in the provinces of Taranto and Alexandria and the combined capacity of 9 MW, then saw the day in 2010.

Finally, two additional stations were put into service last spring in the provinces of Pavia and of Viterbo, with respective capacities of 2.7 MW and 4 MW.

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