The French Wind Farm Wednesday morning reached a production record with a power (instantaneous) of 4453 MW for an installed base of 6576 MW.

This is the first time that France reached an instantaneous wind power as high. Figures provided by the Union of renewable energy comes from the RTE base, éCO2mix, and relate to the day of December 7, 2011.

So Wednesday, early morning (around 8:45), when power consumption is particularly high in this time of year, wind energy has produced 6% of our national power.

According to the Renewable Energy Association (REA), “the figure shows the undeniable contribution of wind energy in the energy mix, which replaces electricity production from thermal power plants, operating from imported fuel and CO2 emissions. ”

He added “the power of the installed wind farm stands in late November 6500 MW. The Grenelle has set the industry a target of 25,000 MW in 2020, confirming the major role of this form of energy in the energy independence of our country and the fight against climate change. “

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