One of the largest photovoltaic roof projects (685 kWp) recently opened in the free state of Thuringia, one of the federal states of Germany.

The Environment Minister Juergen Reinholz inaugurated on November 21 the official launch of the solar power plant built on the roof of an agricultural cooperative to Grossenlupnitz.

The installation, created by Maxx-solar & energy, 3000 includes 42 modules and inverters provided by IBC SOLAR and follows a shipyard asbestos removal and renovation of the roof.

This solar plant is implementing 7,000 m² roof to produce 600,000 kilowatt hours of photovoltaic electricity per year, equivalent to 370 tonnes of CO2 emissions if the same amount of energy had to be produced from hydrocarbon resources .

“The Free State of Thuringia is involved in renewable energy and the number of installed PV systems continues to grow,” said Dieter Ortmann, Director General of Maxx solar, who added: “The potential of this region remains however, still to be exploited. This project clearly demonstrates the benefits of solar power plants are of this size in our state. ”

The energy produced by the PV system will be paid up to 25.86 cents per kilowatt hour.

“The energy investment in agricultural cooperatives is an example for Thuringia and shows that the transition to renewable energy is not only a political duty, but also a mission for businesses and citizens. I am particularly proud to see local partners work together for the success of projects as emblematic for the region, “Juergen Reinholz summarized, Environment Minister of Thuringia.

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