Panama is taking its first steps to leverage its large wind potential. The study projects totaling 2,064 megawatts, an amount that exceeds the country’s electricity demand.

The use of wind energy is one of the alternatives evaluated in Panama for power generation in order to extend the use of cleaner sources.

In Panama, there is still no wind farm in operation, unlike Costa Rica and Nicaragua, but the situation will change in coming years, for several reasons.

First wind power is cheaper than fuel oil from which today cover almost the entire country’s electricity. And secondly the Panama wind resources could meet all electricity demand, if you create the regulatory framework and is supplemented with hydraulics to manage the network.

According to the National Authority of Public Services (ASEP), already approved 25 applications to build wind farms that use force of winds.

Of these, five are permanent and the rest still requires compliance with certain procedures before implementation. The wind projects would provide a capacity of 2,064 megawatts, exceeding the current demand for Panama.

So far only is running a wind initiatives in the province of Cocle, where they build a wind farm of 225 megawatts.

For its part, the government is considering the approval of certain incentives to activity, including possible exemptions from tariffs on imported wind turbines destined for wind farms.

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