On the occasion of the conference EWEA Offshore 2011 by European Association of Wind Energy in Amsterdam, the first offshore wind type of 4.1-113 U.S. manufacturer General Electric (GE) was installed in the port of Gothenburg.

This project marks the first commercial application of 4.1-113 GE model, a range of 4 megawatts of wind turbines designed to provide a higher level of reliability to the offshore wind industry.

With fewer moving parts, direct drive technology indeed offers a simple and reliable design integrated redundancy and partial operation for major components, all designed to maintain the operational reliability of the turbines at sea technology avoids direct transmission expensive parts for the multiplier and reduces operating costs. Moreover, according to GE, “the 4.1-113 blade design is optimized to maximize energy capture sites suitable for foundations monopieu type.”

Thus, the new turbine (113 meters in diameter) will be able to produce enough electricity to power 3,000 homes a year Swedish and reduce annual CO2 emissions by up to 15 000 tonnes.

“We are delighted that after two years of planning and coordination, all happen. The wind can not be in a better position: although installed on land and therefore easily accessible, it is on the seafront and then exposed weather conditions offshore. For the people of Gothenburg, this project is an important step for the success of our goal is to produce more green energy for the city and country, “said Jonas Cognell, Director of Renewable Energy in Göteborg Energi.
The turbine is installed Risholmsvägen, located at the entrance of the port and the gateway to Sweden, whose location is convenient from a logistical point of view. The nacelle, the tower and the blades will arrive by boat. The foundation of 21 meters in diameter is embedded in the rock through a technique of hype.

It is expected that the installation be completed by mid-December. The completion of the installation and connection to the grid are planned for later this year.

“We are very proud to help Sweden to expand its green energy through the installation of our first wind 4.1-113 in the port of Gothenburg,” said Vincent Schellings, Offshore Product Manager at GE Energy. “The offshore turbine 4.1-113 uses the direct transmission of the most successful in the industry, and is developed on the basis of our experience onshore models, we have over 17,000 units operating in the world.”

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