While Prazska energetika has just put up the first public charging stations for electric vehicles, Peugeot and CEZ,the Czech energy giant, are jointly investing in the Czech Republic electromobility signing a partnership agreement.

Prazska energetika (PRE) has opened the first three charging stations for electric cars in Prague. The stations are supplied by Ensto, which already has some experience in this area through its activities in Finland and Norway. PRE plans to install twenty more stations throughout the Czech Republic before the end of December, 2011. Petr Hulinsky, Chairman of Prazska energetika, explains: “The electromobility grows rapidly, it was necessary to begin building a network of charging stations, which lacked the capital. Today, I consider the open stations as the first stage of a project to increase the number of electric vehicles in Prague, and I hope that they will multiply rapidly before the end of the year. ”

For now, the stations are equipped with free access so that the power supply takes time and it takes six hours to recharge the battery of a car. In the first six months, such an operation will be free. Holubec said that the important thing is to study how the stations will be used.

The partnership agreement between CEZ and Peugeot plans, meanwhile, that the first set up a network of charging stations for electric cars, including vehicles developed by the latter will be to the benefit of the former. The project has two phases. First, in 2011, a limited number of cars will be tested by CEZ, and possibly by institutions such as the Municipality of Prague. This will tell how the product developed by Peugeot called “Peugeot iOn” adapts to conditions including the Czech and amplitude variations of temperatures and snow. After this test phase, the generalization of the rental of electric vehicles in 2012 will expand the consumer base.

It is expected that the grid charging stations for electric batteries installed by CEZ is gradually shrinking, at the beginning, only Prague and Vrchlabi will be affected. Then, Trutnov, Brno, Liberec, Ostrava, Olomouc in their turn will be equipped with such facilities. It should be noted however that because of the specificities of electric, electric vehicles are currently more instruments of urban travel than for traveling between cities.

That is why the partnership between CEZ and Peugeot based primarily on the concept of rental. According to Yann Carnoy, Director of Peugeot in the Czech Republic, it is easier to find candidates for hire of electric cars to purchase. The rental price includes all costs associated with vehicle ownership such as insurance, winter tires, maintenance …

In the Czech Republic, unlike other countries, electromobility is not receiving specific assistance from the government, which could reduce its cost. To recall, the battery electric car is 70% of its total price.

Recharging stations are already open to the public in Brno and Desna, and a few electric vehicles on the Czech roads.

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