If the conventional ways of doing this are oil and gas, it seems easy to find a sustainable solution for heating during the winter months, unless you put solar panels or live in a passive solar house. The Sun Container relies on passive solar principles and techniques used in bioclimatic housing, portable solar heater that works similarly to a Trombe wall, capturing the sun’s heat to warm the atmosphere.

The author Florent Bouhey design Fayolle, a student at the University of Art and Design (ECAL) in Lausanne, Switzerland. A set of radially arranged plates of slate and covered with a glass cover, absorbing the sun’s heat and increase the temperature inside the hood. The system is supported on an aluminum helps dissipate heat, while serving to capture and direct the flow of cold air inside. The airflow produced by convection, the cold air enters from below and heated air exits through the top of the bell, through holes.

Obviously, only useful when the sun strikes (no heat storage occurs), which restricts its use indoors to sunny spaces, for example, facing a large window facing south. Still, the Sun Container is a great example of simple technology with zero emissions and using renewable energy from the sun.

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