South Korea has finished building the largest plant in the world of energy generated by tidal movement, capable of providing electricity to half a million people. Shihwa plant will begin operating at full capacity next December.

Six of the ten generators of the power plant, located on the west coast South Korea, began operating last August progressively, Efe reported. The facility will have a generating capacity of 254,000 kilowatts per day, which, according to the agency, citing South Korean sources, making it the world’s largest tidal power plant, ahead of de Rance (northwestern France), generates 240,000 kilowatts per day and began operating in 1966.

It is expected that the South Korean plant becomes operational Shihwa hundred percent of capacity in December and can reduce the oil consumption of 860,000 barrels per country per year, in addition to avoiding the emission of 320,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The plant has been installed at the edge of an artificial lake waterfront near Seoul, and occupies an area of ​​140,000 square meters. Ten turbines of 25.4 MW and operate eight gates at the bottom of this season of 15 stories high, whose construction began in 2004 and has involved an outlay of $ 335 million.

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has stressed that this facility is a symbol of your government’s intentions to develop renewable energy. “This plant is not only a symbol of green growth, but represents a trend that the world will follow,” he stated. According to the South Korean government, during the term of Lee South Korea has increased its energy independence from 7 to 15 percent of its total electricity needs.

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