Austrian consortium of five entities worked on the concept of solar bus as part of a project supported in particular by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology. Two sizes of buses has been made ​​- a city bus and a 35-seat bus with 9 smaller squares.

Solar Bus?

These electric buses have their name the source of energy. In fact they work with solar energy: in addition to solar panels embedded in the roof providing additional power, the batteries are recharged using solar panels.

The specifications stipulated a displacement capacity of 250 km per day for the city bus with no possibility of taking long breaks to recharge the batteries. Thus, the buses have been designed to allow a quick change of battery while one is charging, the other drives the bus. Due to the optimization of the final weight, the bus with battery and solar photovoltaic roof weighs no more than the equivalent diesel – about 4.6 tonnes – and traveling at a speed of 80 km / h. The characteristics of this bus are available on the website Solarmobil we can retain a battery can go 80 to 100 km and the battery change only takes two minutes. The heating and cooling is in turn based on an electric heat pump.

Since July, the city bus is being tested in the city of Perchtoldsdorf in Lower Austria, where it is integrated with public transport in the city, the smaller version of the bus will be tested from autumn Hornstein in Burgenland.

Austrian bus

All stages of research and development were carried out by Austrian companies and organizations. This collaboration has mobilized teams of AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology), the manufacturer Kutsenits Busconstruction, University of Technology Graz, Austria Solarmobil and electricity supplier Ökostrom in addition to firms involved in the construction of bus. These partnerships are detailed on the website of Solarmobil.

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