The local authorities of Lanzarote in their efforts to achieve better energy system, sustainable, independent, with less environmental impact and take advantage of local energy resources, has promoted the development of this web application: “Mapping small wind potential in urban area of Lanzarote “. Another important objective is the economic development of the island by creating jobs associated with renewable energy facilities and the promotion of electricity consumption by renewable energy applications in low power systems.

This tool provides information and technical criteria on technology and energy resources, with potential applications to residents, second homes, tourism, industry, public authorities, etc.

The aim is to determine the potential of small wind resource and technology, allowing to assess its possible contribution to the island power system, provide a tool easy to understand the potential user as well as providing technical criteria for development.

In parallel with this website is developing a mandatory ordinance to allow municipalities and other public bodies have a common authority guide, taking into account legal requirements, safety, urban, technical, and environmental landscape.

The implementation of this project involves a further step in promoting renewable energy use on the island Reaffirming the commitment of this institution to the development of a power system based on distributed generation with high penetration of alternative energy.

I hope that this tool is most useful, Sergio Machin de Leon, Minister of Industry, Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Energy of the Council of Lanzarote.

The aim of the tool developed is the calculation of the estimated production of a small wind turbine at a given location. When it comes to large wind facilities, such as wind farms, the evaluation process begins with the realization of meteorological measurements. These measures are costly and secondly it requires a long measurement period, at least one year. Therefore, for the installation of small wind turbines is not feasible to follow the same approach that significantly more expensive installation.

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