Sinovel is already the largest Chinese manufacturer of wind turbines, and has replaced General Electric (GE) as the second largest in the world after Vestas, and ahead of Suzlon, Enercon, Gamesa and Nordex.

Sinovel and Empresa Nacional de Electricidad SA of Greece (Public Power Corporation SA) signed an agreement allowing Sinovel installed wind power plants in Greece. Arthouros Zervos CEO of Public Power Corporation SA and President of Sinovel Junliang have signed the partnership agreement in Beijing. Zervos accompanied Pamboukis Haris, Minister of Investment, on an official visit to China.

Cooperation can take the form of the installation of wind turbines with an installed capacity of 200 to 300 megawatts and a marine wind farm. to Greece will beat Spain in the development of offshore wind energy, hurting companies like Gamesa, Acciona and Iberdrola, among others.

Based on construction costs of 1.5 million euros per megawatt of wind turbines installed, the contract value could reach 450 million euros, and marks the entry of Sinovel European wind market.

Greece aims to meet the objectives of the European Union, reaching 18 percent of energy consumption with renewable energy sources by 2020. Wind power in Greece account for about 83 percent of new capacity installed to meet the 2020 targets.

According to statistics, Sinovel, which has already installed 3,510 MW in 2009, reached 4,386 MW in 2010, with a global market share of wind turbines of 9.2% in 2009 and 11.1% in 2010, thus maintaining leadership in China and jumping from third to second place in the world.

Another wind turbine manufacturer, Goldwind, beat Germany’s Enercon to take fourth place, with 9.5% of global trade compared to 7.2% in 2009.

GE fell to No. 3, Goldwind was the fourth largest manufacturer, and Germany’s Enercon complete the top five, which were the same five companies that occupied the top five in 2009, but in different places. Vestas strengthens its leadership position in 2010, increasing its market share to 14.8% in 2010 from 12.5% ​​in 2009.

Chinese manufacturers of wind turbines occupy 4 of the top 10 and 7 of the 15 positions in the rankings.

Denmark’s Vestas hold the No. 1 position, with 12%, 2) Sinovel, China, with 11% occupies the 2nd place and then come the following manufacturers of wind turbines: 3) General Electric of the United States 10% of the wind energy market , 4) Goldwind, China, 10%, 5) Enercon, Germany, 7%, 6) Gamesa, Spain, 7%, 7) Dongfang (DEC), China, 7%, 8), Suzlon, India, 6%, 9) Siemens, Germany, 5%, 10) United Power, China 4%, 11) Mingyang, China, 3%, 12) REpower, Germany, 2%, 13) Sewind, China 2%, 14) Nordex, Germany, 2%, 15) XEMC, China, 1%, Others 12%.

Last year, Sinovel installed the first offshore wind farm with wind turbines of 3 MW of power in Shanghai.

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