Siemens today manufactures wind turbines and equipment for solar thermal energy. Renewables are the future, Siemens knows that.

The chairman of Siemens, Peter Löscher, announced in a statement to the weekly Der Spiegel total abandonment of nuclear energy business from its group. “That chapter is closed to us,” said Löscher, whose company has been involved for decades in building nuclear power plants around the world.

The decision, says the head of Siemens, is your company’s response to the clear positioning of the society and politics in Germany in favor of abandoning nuclear energy after the catastrophe of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan. Löscher considered key decision before the summer by the Bundestag to approve the nuclear outage in Germany for 2022 and go up then shutting down all nuclear power plants in this country.

The president said his group Siemens will from now on to participate in the complete nuclear power plant construction and only continue to build components for wind turbines that are also used in conventional power plants. It also announces the end of a project joint venture with the Russian nuclear consortium Rosatom , which it hopes that, despite everything, it can work in other fields.

Löscher century project valued as agreed to change the energy in Germany and considered feasible the goal of raising up to 35% of energy production from renewable sources by 2020. It expresses its full support to the policy of the Federal Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to address the crisis in the euro zone.

Siemens aims to Convertible in the third wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas and GE behind and ahead of Enercon, Gamesa and Suzlon, the wind well and Chinese Goldwind Sinovel. Siemens is already the largest provider of offshore wind aerogenedores.

Siemens will be responsible for building solar thermal power plant Arenales, near Seville town of Moron de la Frontera, among many others.

Siemens initiated an innovative pilot project to mobilize a fleet of electric cars in Berlin will be available to their employees during the next 12 months. The new Auto-sharing system (car sharing) is part of the pilot project “Infrastructure and city” Siemens launched in November 2010 in the cities of Erlangen and Munich and also included a fleet of electric vehicles.

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