SENER has been awarded the Ruban d’Honneur of the European Business Awards for its project Gemasolar. The proclamation recognized as a finalist, along with nine other companies in the Innovation category.

This award is entering the second phase of these prestigious awards after being shortlisted to compete with 24 other Spanish firms (country Representatives) in a first stage. Of the 110 companies that now have been as finalists in the Ruban d’Honneur, only one for each of the 11 existing categories will win the ultimate prize. The winners will be announced on November 22, 2011 in the city of Barcelona.

Gemasolar The project, promoted by the company Torresol Energy (a company owned by 60% to the SENER) and located in the Seville town of Fuentes de Andalucía, SENER has provided the technological innovations and has led the construction and commissioning

Gemasolar is the world’s first commercial central receiver technology tower and thermal storage in molten salts. This system can continue producing power for 15 hours without the sun, ie at night or in cloudy weather.

Recently, Gemasolar became the first plant in the world able to provide without interruption to the network for 24 hours. This milestone confirms that solar energy can be quite manageable in terms of demand and independent of solar radiation.

European Business Awards The awards identify some of the best bargains in Europe, which should demonstrate the three fundamental principles of the awards program: innovation, business excellence and sustainability.

The objective of European Business Awards is to increase the visibility and progress of companies that excel in the field of innovation, which in turn have commercial success, combining these two parameters with a responsible attitude towards the social environment in which they operate.

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