The Scottish government has decided to raise its target of 100% renewable electricity for 2020! The prime Minister Alex Salmond pledged to go “faster and further” to strengthen the status of leader of green energy in Europe from Scotland.

He officially launched the new target for 2020 at the latest edition of All Energy, the first conference and exhibition on renewable energy in the United Kingdom.

“The pace of development has accelerated so much that we have already exceeded our target for 2011, and we can now commit ourselves to delivering 100% of Scottish electricity demand from renewable resources by 2020. In the meantime, we intend to produce double the electricity needs of Scotland, just over half from renewable resources and a little less than half from other conventional energy sources” Salmond said.

He added: “We will export as much electricity as we consume. We will continue to collaborate with industry and governments at local, UK and Europe to continue this momentum. We will now go further and faster to consolidate our leading position in green energy in Europe.”

Anne MacColl, Chief Executive of Scottish Development International has said: “The offshore wind industry in Scotland is a key component of future growth. It enjoys unparalleled natural resources, a competitive economic environment, an academic and industrial research global as well as extensive experience in the offshore oil and gas exploration.”

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