The German SCHOTT Solar has decided to strengthen its business projects and has signed a major order for Thailand.

The manufacturer of solar panels will provide in fact 67 000 photovoltaic panels to the company Phoenix Solar Singapore, for two solar power plants under construction north of Bangkok. The power of the sites will be respectively 9.7 MW and 6.2 MW. From December 2011, they should produce annually about 25,000 MWh of solar electricity, which will supply electricity from renewable sources about 10,000 homes.

Phoenix Solar Singapore (subsidiary of German company Phoenix Solar) will be responsible for facilities planning and delivery of solar panels and inverters. The project will be based on modules of silicon multi-crystalline Poly SCHOTT Perform 235/240. The commissioning of the two facilities is scheduled for the end of 2011.

The investor of the project, Solarte Co, is a joint venture of Yanhee Solar Power Co and Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding, an independent supplier of electricity.

“In recent months we have signed several contracts for major international projects, whose total capacity exceeds 50 MW,” said Dr. Martin Heming, the executive director of SCHOTT Solar.

For Martin Heming, the solar power should play an important role in the future, particularly in new markets in Asia and the United States: “The know-how in the project and the presence of an international sales network are increasingly important. Our diversification and internationalization of our markets beyond our initial move in this direction. ”

The state also offers grants Thailand

This contract demonstrates once again the success of German legislation which established the first feed-in tariffs for renewable electricity (EEG). Today, 21 Member States of the European Union following the example of Germany and have set up similar systems for funding to support the development of renewable energy, and more than 50 countries around the world use this type of programs, including Thailand.

This major project will be supported by a financing system of this type. For the first ten years, the rate of purchase of kilowatts of electricity will be about 0.25 euros. Then, the normal price of electricity is applied.

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