The number of facilities using renewable energy sources in Cuba amounts to 26,814, which together produced 178.1 GWh to end 2010. According to a recent newsletter Cubaenergía under the Ministry of Industry, the energy provided by these means enabled globally replace more than 45,000 tons of oil.

Among the many facilities include four wind farms with 20 wind turbines, and 8,677 small wind turbines. Cuba also work on 9,964 solar photovoltaic panels, 554 biogas plants and more than 6,400 solar water heaters.

They are also used in the country 173 hydroelectric plants, 608 brick-making kilns that use forest biomass to provide energy, 57 and 67 turbo-generators boilers of sugar mills. The technical availability of renewable source units was between 87 and 93, according to the publication.

It also noted that in 2010 the country gained greater volume of power generation from the use of force of the winds. With all this issue was avoided by using a considerable amount of carbon dioxide, it also said.

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