Wind power electric power reached 3,230 megawatts, with 34 % of indigenous primary energy.

The Energy Balance of Galicia in 2009 notes that the Galician community far exceeded the targets set by the EU in 2010 and in force until December 2011 to ensure that 30.3 percent of energy consumed from renewable energy.

The director said that Galicia transforms INEGA 9 percent of primary energy in Spain, with a refinery and a gas plant on its territory, and very high production in wind energy, and although two communities have more power installed, Galicia has a increased production.

Wind power electric power reached 3,230 megawatts, with 34 per cent of indigenous primary energy. Diéguez stood at 11 per cent drop in electricity consumption in 2009, which blamed the crisis being experienced, and enhanced efficiency of domestic electrical equipment. He also stressed that Galicia has closed the door to nuclear energy because “the Galician society does not see well and, therefore, neither do we.”

INEGA director said that the challenge of the community is achieved in the year 2015 95 percent of electricity consumption from renewables. The natural gas consumption that year dropped by 22 percent as a result of reduced electricity consumption for the two combined cycle plants natural gas in the community, due to declining demand and high electricity generation renewable sources.

The Galicia had an output of 10,993 megawatts of electricity this year, 11.5 percent of Spain, which produced a total of 95,644. Plants under normal corresponding to hydro production, coal, petroleum products, waste and produced 6,614 megawatt natural gas plant and the special regime, which correspond to non-renewable, solar, wind, hydro, biomass and waste, produced 4,379 megawatts .

INEGA director finally said that the objective in Galicia until 2015 is also energy saving and efficiency, enhance biomass and biogas, “which we will be putting in value depending on market developments and, of course, technologies.

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