Renault bets on electric vehicles and solar energy. Besides producing four electric vehicles, it will install 60 MW of solar energy in their factories.

The Spanish company Gestamp Solar has been awarded the project staffing fotovolataica solar, solar panels, the production of Renault plants in France. The project includes facilities Douai, Maubeuge, Flins, Batilly, Sandouville and Cleon, all with ISO 14001 environmental certification since 2000.

It’s often overlooked is hypocritical to think that trying to protect the environment with electric cars when their factories operate with little or no renewable energy.

Renault is one of the companies willing to solve this problem by presenting one of the largest photovoltaic solar energy projects that have been seen to date.

With the idea of reducing their emissions by 20% by 2016, Renault will install solar roofs in six French factories. The idea aims to cut CO2 emissions by using solar energy in a project with a large number of solar panels that would occupy up to 63 football fields.

The energy produced by these solar panels would approach the annual consumption of a population of 15,000, which goes to show that these investments end up giving good results that are very high costs.

Gestamp Solar is a subsidiary of solar photovoltaic Gestamp Renewables and operates at all levels of the value chain of the photovoltaic solar energy projects, from development and industrialization of metallic structures, to the definition and delivery of turnkey projects .

The energy company has participated in generating over 300 MW of photovoltaic and has a portfolio of 550 MW in the face of 2013 in France, Spain, Italy, USA, India and South Africa.

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