According to data from the Survey of Consumer of French households, Acxiom has highlighted the typical profile of households called “photovoltaic” homeowners interested in this type of renewable energy installations.

The home “Photovoltaic” means an eco family, easy living in the countryside

Living mostly in the South of France (mainly in the Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur, Rhone-Alpes and Midi-Pyrenees), PV households are couples between 25 and 54 years (62.2%), more than half of them (52.2%) have children.

Rather off financially and belonging to middle and upper classes, they are 34.8% to earn 3,000 euros a month, against 25.3% for the whole of French families owning a home.

Nearly half the PV households live in an essentially rural environment (ie 49.1%) and are in their homes for less than 20 years in 67.9% of cases.

They could be described as the Epicureans (32.2% of them include food lovers) and followers of various cultural activities (26.9% of them go regularly to the Museum and 53.6% to the movies).

Sensitive to the nature and ecological issues, 21.6% of these couples see the environment as a real hobby. Sports enthusiasts, they promote particular activities that promote the protection of the environment such as hiking (57.1%) or mountain biking (36.3%).

In their ecological approach, modern “Photovoltaic” homes report to be prepared to receive their energy bills by phone and email in 41.1% of cases, against 25.4% of French households owning a home.

Finally, the approach “photovoltaic” is often combined with other works projects in the house: mainly insulation for 22.1% of respondents.

Segmentation profiles are most sensitive to Photovoltaics:

Base Multichannel Acxiom has 18 million households segmented, or 70% of French households, qualified both demographic and behavioral criteria, established from the Great Survey of Consumer Foyers1. In addition, Acxiom is based on France Telecom’s subscriber base and the data from the INSEE census, to describe the 24 million French households.

In this segmentation, several descriptive profiles of homes “solar” are particularly overrepresented, thus revealing the potential consumers of tomorrow:

– The ‘Family Village’ (13.9% of PV households) couples with children, for whom compromise home / quality of life against rural / small town is a status rather than been chosen. They have a low economic status and professional evolution.

– The “Dolce Family” (10.7% of PV households): Families who have chosen to go live “green” to raise their children and promote their quality of life. Some of their spending for the relief of the daily housework. They are betting on the future, equipping themselves enormously and invest wisely.

– The Cosy Boomers (9.8% of PV households): Couples who are focused on their “home” as an object and place to live. They begin to enjoy more time and greater purchasing power, particularly facilitated by the departure of children from the home.

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