The French government announced Thursday the launch of the second tender on photovoltaic solar installations on buildings and ground of over 250 kWp.

This tender complete the new device support for the photovoltaic industry in place since March 2011 to ensure a balance between the development of a competitive industrial sector, including export, improved energy efficiency and environmental and rising costs for electricity consumers.

Since March 2011, a self-adjusting rate has been set up for smaller installations while a first call for tenders for the building of power plants between 100 and 250 kW (1000 to 2500 m2 of panels PV) has been underway since August 1, 2011.

This second tender for facilities of over 250 kWp of various technologies, including solar power to the ground. These large plants are under government “a pivotal role in the development of a competitive industrial sector and creating employment.” This is why the tender was segmented into seven lots including 4 related innovative technologies with strong export prospects: devices for monitoring the course of the sun, solar concentrator, solar thermal and storage energy in the overseas departments and Corsica.

Furthermore, in order to give visibility to industry players, the tender covers the construction of 450 MW. The goal is to reach 900 MW by 2015.

Candidates will be selected on the basis of four criteria: price, environmental impact, industrial innovation, deadline. The requirements on the restoration of the site, recycling and quality are also enhanced. Spaces at low competitive value, brownfields for example, will be favored to preserve biodiversity and agricultural and forestry use. Candidates are required to submit their tenders by February 8, 2012.

“This tender is part of the rationale for the establishment of an industrial network of excellence based on technologies with high added value, low environmental impact and potential for export. By giving visibility to the industry, it should help restore the confidence necessary to develop a competitive industry and creates jobs, “said Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet.

“We now have a support system for development of photovoltaics over time, based on a competitive industrial sector. The publication date of the specifications of the 2nd call for tender is a new stage in the implementation of the commitments of the Government, in photovoltaic and wider development of renewable energy, “said Eric Besson for his part.

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